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Hey to all! Against my better judgment and the advise of Entertainment lawyers worldwide, I'm making some of my unpublished scripts and stories available for your reading and optioning pleasure. Some are presented in their entirety; others are samples from larger completed works. We're on the honor system here, but it goes without saying that all stories and their characters are copyright and trademarks of Rob Walton. Spider-man and the Kingpin are definitely trademarks of Marvel Entertainment Group. Any inquiries regarding the publishing rights to these properties should be addressed to me via the contact information on this website.

A Boot to the Head (Act One)

A couple of months back I was asked to write a "Canadian Family Guy" by a TV producer here in Toronto. Not knowing what that meant, I watched as many episodes of The Family Guy as I could stand before I just decided to write something funny instead. I'll post Acts Two and Three at a later date.

A Boot to the Head (Act One) in PDF format opens in new window.

Bloodlines (Act One)

Bloodlines was a story I developed during the 1980s prior to Buffy and movies like the Prophecy. It became a short-lived comic in 1987 and lead directly to my 1993 Grendel Tale, The Devil's Hammer. In 1998 I revamped the story and wrote it as a screenplay. A friend, not without connections, attempted to sell the project in LA but Hollywood readers couldn't grasp the idea of a sword and sorcery story set in a modern urban ghetto. If you can imagine that the drug gangs in the Wire were fronts for a war between good and evil then you get the idea. The story may seem passť now, but here are the first twenty-three pages. The curious minded among you can judge the story for yourself. I'll post the second and third acts at a later date.

Bloodlines (Act One) in PDF format opens in new window.

Spider Sense and Sensibility

This was a story that came to me out of nowhere so I wrote it down. I still think it's a fine piece of writing that answers the question, "How would Rob Walton handle Spider-man?"

Spider Sense and Sensibility in PDF format opens in new window.

Super-Teen Cadets Corps (Issue One)

I wrote this as a pitch for a Substitute Legion of Super-heroes mini-series, "Strangers On A Brane". I was told that DC didn't do humor and if they did they wouldn't do my humor. Be that as it may, a kind and generous editor at DC liked the scripts very much and encouraged me to change the names and make it original. So I did. Here's the first script, "Excelsior!" in its entirety.

Super-Teen Cadets Corps (Issue One) in PDF format opens in new window.

Earth Mission 2 (Issue One)

This story imagines two alien races battling over possession of the earth and its resources, human and otherwise. On the one side are the demonic Asura. On the other side are the gods and heroes from myth, legend and religion. It's a story that asks the teasing question, "What if Jesus led a super-hero team and how would Joss Whedon write it?" Controversial? Here's the first script. You tell me.

Earth Mission 2 (Issue One) in PDF format opens in new window.


I first imagined Skade in 1976 as an origin story for Red Sonja, then a popular character in Marvel's comic adaptation of Conan. I rewrote it in university replacing Howard's character with the mythological goddess, Skade. I refined the story over the years and gave it to Charles Vess in 1989. Our attempts to produce Skade persisted until 2001. At that time I did another re-write on the story that science fiction author Robert Sawyer loved but the editor at "Isaac Asimov" did not. So it goes. "Tjasse" is part one of a four-part novella that tells the story of a young girl's life from birth to death in mythical Scandinavia. This is not a retelling of standard mythology and I apologize for the liberties I have taken in adapting the myths to my personal needs as a storyteller.

Skade in PDF format opens in new window.


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