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Design Gallery

The following portfolio contains a sampling of my designs for Rupert Bear, Jim Henson's Dog City, and Fieval's American Tales. For anyone only familiar with Ragmop, these drawings will hopefully come as a pleasant surprise.

Please click on the images to for a larger view.

Rupert Bear

Rupert Castle Clock Rupert Fallen Tree Rupert Gorge Rupert Medieval Market
Rupert Palm Trees Rupert Path to the Castle Rupert Tide Pool Rupert Window View
Rupert The Path Rupert Winter Day Rupert Winter Lane  

Jim Henson's Dog City

Calling All Cars Original Design Calling All Cars Original Design Painted BG Jim Henson's Dog City Interior  

Fieval's American Tales

Feival Farm Yard Feival Mill Feival Desert Scene Feival Carpentry Shop
Feival Town Feival Logging Camp Feival Prairie Pan Feival Tall Tree