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Hey folks! Here is one of my favorite storyboards from the second season of Nick Jr's wonderful kid's show The Backyardigans. Accompanying the board is video clip from the finished animation from the show. I'm particularly fond of The Volcano Sisters episode. I thought the story and music gelled nicely.

The Backyardigans and all materials presented here are copyright and trademarked by Viacom, Nickelodeon, and Nelvana LTD (Corus Family Entertainment) respectively.

The following are very large files and may take some time to download.

Bloodlines: The Ninth Circle
This is a sample live action board I drew based on my own script. The first act of The Ninth Circle can be read in the Scripts & Stories section.

Futz is currently in production at 9 Story Entertainment here in Toronto. It's a cute little show about a hard-luck fellow who does things right by getting things wrong.


The Backyardigans Volcano Sister PDF Document

Bloodlines: The Ninth Circle PDF Document

Farmer Futz PDF Document

Life in the Futz Lane PDF Document

Video Clips

Volcano Sisters 2 MPEG4 Movie

Backyardigans Storyboard
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