Rob Walton and Grace Walton


About Rob and Grace

Rob Walton is a writer and cartoonist living in Toronto, Canada. He has worked in animation since 1991 as a designer, story board artist and supervising director. He entered the field of comic books in 1987 with his one shot, Pork knight. He followed that up with the cult hit, The Devil's Hammer, a three issue Grendel Tale for Dark Horse Comics. Over the next ten years he completed Ragmop, a 400 page graphic novel. Often described as indescribable, it is a grand satire of the world we live in. Ragmop was nominated for two Eisner Awards and two Joe Shuster Wards. In 2008 he teamed up with his daughter, Grace, to produce the cartoon strip, Chocolate-Face Grace, a semi-autobiographical story of a father and daughter's life together. The stories are co-written by Rob and Grace before dad puts the final pen and ink to paper.